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As we grow our own turf, we know what it takes to keep your pristine new lawn...PRISTINE !

We can provide a free quote for preparing and laying the turf if you don't want to lay it yourself. Sometimes it can be cheaper for us to do it, as you will have to hire equipment, the project will be done to a professional standard, and will be guaranteed.


This is by far the most popular choice of turf. It's healthy and green all year and gives a soft, formal appearance. It's also hardwearing, therefore good for children and pets, easy to maintain, resistant to disease, and excellent value for money.



This turf is more commonly used on large public areas by local authorities, but can be used if your landscaping project is on a tight budget.



This turf is mainly used on front lawns as it is not as hardwearing as the PT grade but it does give a finer appearance

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We'll be happy to drop by and give you some advice about your garden.

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